28 Online Tools to Streamline Your Workload and Decrease Stress

28 Online Tools to Streamline Your Workload and Decrease Stress

Are you ready to cut down the amount of stress in your life? These 28 online tools are a great place to streamline your workload and decrease stress.

Overcome Tension At Work

To be blissful and be in the moment, you must do the necessary things. Living through moments blissfully and peacefully determines if you make a heaven or hell out of yourself.

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Livestreaming using ViewLift® Tools Platform

Learn how to live stream an event using the ViewLift® Tools Platform.

Secure and seamlessly manage Endpoints with Microsoft Intune

In this webinar, we will explore the capabilities of Microsoft SCCM and Intune for managing Windows devices. We will cover four main topics: Tenant Attach & Co-Management, Device Management with Autopilot, Application Management, and Windows Patch Management.

Tenant Attach & Co-Management:
Microsoft’s Tenant Attach feature allows organizations to connect their SCCM infrastructure to Intune for more efficient device management. We will discuss the benefits of this approach, including how it can streamline device management across both on-premises and cloud environments. We will also cover Co-Management, which enables organizations to manage Windows 10 devices using both SCCM and Intune simultaneously.

Device Management with Autopilot:
Autopilot is a feature of Intune that enables organizations to pre-configure and provision new devices, making them ready for use right out of the box. We will discuss how Autopilot works and its benefits for IT departments, including faster and more streamlined device deployments. We will also cover how SCCM can be used in conjunction with Autopilot to provide additional management capabilities.

Application Management:
We will cover how SCCM and Intune can be used to deploy and manage applications on Windows devices. We will discuss how these tools can streamline application management, including the ability to push out updates and patches, and how they can help ensure application compatibility across a range of devices.

Windows Patch Management:
We will discuss how SCCM and Intune can be used to manage Windows patching, including the benefits of using these tools to automate patching across large numbers of devices. We will cover the importance of timely patching for security and compliance purposes, and how SCCM and Intune can help ensure that devices are up-to-date with the latest security patches.

How to reduce workload stress.

Sharing a tip that will help you gain greater clarity in delivering on workplace objectives, that will reduce your stress and anxiety. It may also reduce your workload.


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