From Freelance Writer To In-House Leader: Meet Aja Frost

From Freelance Writer To In-House Leader: Meet Aja Frost

HubSpot's Director of English Growth Aja Frost shares how she built a rewarding SEO career – from being a freelance content writer to becoming an in-house content strategist.

The Highest Paid Freelance Writers Are…

Which freelance writers make the most money? Find out why choosing a writing niche and to specialise in a type of writing like copywriting, blog writing, or even technical writing, you can earn more money. So if you’re looking to become a high paid freelance writer and land more freelance writing jobs, then I recommend becoming a specialist niche writer! Video by Jesse Forrest from

Why You Need to Know SEO as a Freelance Writer

You see it again and again on freelance writing job posts: “Need to know SEO” or “SEO experience required.” But what the heck is SEO? And why do you need to know about it as a freelance writer? I’m answering those questions in today’s video!

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00:00 – 1:31 – Intro
1:32 – 3:05 – What is SEO?
3:06 – 07:57 – 3 reasons you need to know SEO
07:58 – 8:48 – Join me at SEO Workshop
8:49 – 9:24 – Outro

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