How Event Marketing Should Fit Into Your Online Marketing Strategy

How Event Marketing Should Fit Into Your Online Marketing Strategy

Learn hot to maximize your company's event marketing efforts with effective online marketing techniques and tools – before, during and after the event.

How to Engage Your Event Attendees After Your Event | Event Marketing Ideas

Join Splash’s CEO Ben Hindman in this episode of Run of Show, where he shares a six-step process for driving engagement after your events. Then, learn what experts are doing today to run engaging events:

Episode notes:
We’re always finding ways to drive more event registrations, but post-event engagement is just as important.

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How to Approach Events and Event Marketing In 2022

It amazes me how many companies still continue to approach events and event marketing the very old fashioned way and the way that doesn’t work anymore. In this video, I talk about how events have been approached, specifically looking at B2B companies and how everything is changing

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Shama Hyder is the founder & CEO of Zen Media. She has been named the “Zen Master of Marketing” by Entrepreneur Magazine and the “Millennial Master of the Universe” by Forbes, Businessweek, and Inc magazine have all recognized her as one of the Top 30 under 30 entrepreneurs in the field of marketing. Shama has built a global audience and is known for helping brands succeed in the digital age. She is a bestselling author, an international keynote speaker, and has been named one of LinkedIn’s Top 10 Voices in Marketing for four years in a row.

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Event Marketing Ideas: Sell Out Your Event in 5 Days! ��

We recently just sold out our event in basically 5 days with these event marketing ideas. Sell all your tickets super easy with these tips! It’s not just for those running events, there’s a tonne of sales lessons in here that you can apply to ANYTHING you’re trying to sell.

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Event Marketing: 5 Tactics to Sell Out

Marketing your event is becoming increasingly more difficult. How can you increase registrations and ensure that your next event is a hit? Here are 5 Event Marketing tactics to help you succeed.

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Your boss wants more, your attendees want more, your competitors want a piece of the pie. Marketing events is not as easy at it used to be.

Here are 5 of the most advanced tactics successful eventprofs are rolling out to make their events sell out

Tactic #1 – Video
65% use video as a key part of their marketing strategy.

To master video for your event:
Make sure to collect plenty of footage, testimonials and recorded sessions from your event
Use video strategically on social media ads. It performs better than words.
Use live video in the lead up to the event to get FOMO

Tactic #2 – Facebook
52% of event professionals say FB is their favorite channel for event marketing.

Your audience will inevitably be on Facebook and as much as we like to think that we use Facebook for personal reasons, it has become also an arena to follow our passions and professional aspirations.

What you should focus on if you plan to use Facebook strategically to market your event:
Use Facebook ads.
Google Facebook remarketing. Get that pixel on your site and pay less for immediate marketing opportunities with those that already visited your site.
Be more precise with remarketing. Get a special tag on your check out page for abandoned registration and send targeted messages to get them to finish registration, a discount will incentivize.
Use video in your ads.

Tactic #3 – Email Marketing
65% of eventprofs say that email marketing is the most effective tool for promoting events.

Get your email marketing right:
Review your data and previous campaigns. What worked? Where did you get most clicks?
Create an email sequence of attentively crafted promotion emails. Use the AIDA process of sales. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Get your emails aligned with the different cycles.
Use email to reach out to abandoned carts.

Tactic #4 – Scarcity
In a world with so many events happening around us and the economy booming, how do we capture the attention of our attendees? Closing the doors is an effective strategy for some events to secure attendance and create a level of exclusivity. We see an unprecedented number of events asking people to apply, invitation-only events or a referral code system.

How to master scarcity:
Make your event invitation-only or by application. Look for a very targeted audience that would please your sponsors or that are keen to spend more. These are your primary targets, who you want in the room.
Create higher pricing options. Usually, we discount to get more people through the door. Do the opposite to create disparity in your pricing and VIP areas.
Keep aspects of the event secret. Secrecy goes hand in hand with scarcity. Keeping elements of the event available only to some attendees will raise curiosity and stimulate more registrations.

Tactic #5 – Event Experience
60% of event planners say that the demand for experiences is increasing.

How can you elevate your event to a 360-degree experience?
Introduce elements of adventure. Are you engaging attendees to the next level, are you getting them to participate in special activities, tours, scavenger hunts, city activities. The ‘bleisure’ trend is pushing this kind of need in events around the world.
Craft social programmes.
Connect attendees with each other.
Think creatively.
Think how you deliver on the needs of your attendees. Design your event around your core objective to increase the experience levels.

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