7 Tips That Will Help You Optimize Your Keyword List for SEO

7 Tips That Will Help You Optimize Your Keyword List for SEO

Following these seven keyword optimization tips can help you keep your content among the top results and bring in more visitors.

How To Optimize your blog

Want to boost your blog’s visibility in search engine results? In this video, we’ll show you how to optimize your blog by using relevant keywords and crafting compelling meta descriptions. By implementing these SEO strategies, you can increase your chances of ranking higher and attracting organic traffic.
Learn the importance of keyword research and discover tools to help you find the right keywords for your blog. We’ll guide you on how to strategically incorporate keywords into your blog posts, titles, and headings to improve your earch engine rankings while maintaining a natural and engaging flow.

Additionally, we’ll delve into the significance of meta descriptions and how they can make a difference in click-through rates. You’ll understand how to write concise, descriptive, and keyword-rich meta descriptions that entice searc engine users to click on your blog link.

Optimizing your blog for search engines is crucial for reaching a wider audience and increasing your blog’s visibility. Join us as we provide practicbbbbbal SEO tips and strategies to help you maximize your blog’s potential.
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SEO Techniques: 7 Long-Term SEO Best Practices to Rank Higher on Google

Check out our SEO Techniques tutorial where we cover some of the top long-term SEO strategies to rank higher on Google. It’s very difficult to rank your website high on Google and consistely drive SEO traffic. That’s why you need to focus on long-term strategies for your website like keyword research, tecnhical SEO, backlinks, content creation, content optimization, topic clusters, and content hubs. Ultimately, you want to create the best resources and organize your website so it is user-friendly and Google-friendly.

While my SEO tutorials generally follow a similar theme throughout, my goal is to give you simple and easy to use tips that you can follow with ease. You will never lose rankings if you avoid Black Hat SEO techniques and focus on White Hat SEO techniques.

7 SEO Techniques for 2020 and Beyond

1. Research your top 100 keywords, group them, & plan content

2. Create and/or update keyword-focused content every single day

3. Focus on creating comprehensive content for 1 topic and its subtopics

4. Create supporting visual content like videos, images, and infographics

5. Website architecture, internal links & content hubs

6. Improve top pages & optimize for top search queries in Google Search Console

7. Increase backlinks & use external links to websites

Surfside PPC Article for SEO Techniques: https://surfsideppc.com/seo-techniques/

Helpful Videos:

Complete Surfside PPC SEO Tutorials Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCKZKQoSq6y4Zebbxz71dATBZOEUDW755


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How to Find Thousands of Keyword Ideas for SEO

Learn how to generate a list of keyword ideas for SEO using Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer (over 7 BILLION keywords and growing).

This is the second video in our keyword research tutorial series. Throughout this video, Sam Oh covers 6 unique reports within Keywords Explorer tool.

You’ll learn how to use a seed keyword to generate hundreds of thousands of keywords and narrow down your keyword list using smart filter combinations.

The reports covered in this video are:
– Phrase match
– Having same terms
– Also rank for
– Search suggestions
– Newly discovered
– Questions

The first filter shows you how to find low competition keywords with high search volumes.

By setting a maximum keyword difficulty score and a minimum search volume, you can find keywords that have little competition, making them potentially great targets that will likely be easier to rank for on Google.

The second filter shows you how to find keywords that have SERP features. Some SERP features include ads, questions, knowledge boxes, featured snippets, and videos.

For example, you can use this filter to find and optimize your content for “featured snippets.”

Owning featured snippets can increase your organic traffic by 8.6% even if you don’t rank on the first page of Google.

If you would like to learn more about featured snippets, you can read these two articles that go into great detail on this topic:


The third filter shows you how to find highly commercial keywords with low competition. You can achieve this by setting a maximum keyword difficulty score and a minimum Adwords CPC value.

This filter is great for Adsense members, who can potentially collect a hefty commission after ranking for these easier keyword targets.

Also, if you’re in a niche that typically has heavy competition in Adwords, you can use this filter to gain a lot of free traffic that has high business value.

The last filter shows you how to find bottom of the funnel keywords. This will help you find content ideas that have a higher probability of converting new visitors into customers.

You can use these filters in any of the reports shown in the video.

There are a ton of examples demonstrated to help illustrate each point and more importantly, help you put these into action.


0:48 Start with a ‘Seed’ keyword
3:09 Filter #1 Find low-difficulty keywords with high volume
5:27 Filter #2 Find keywords with SERP features
6:24 Filter #3 Find commercial keywords with low difficulty
7:14 Filter #4 Use modifiers
9:13 Use different reports in Keywords Explorer tool
13:33 Generate keywords from up to ten seed keywords at once

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7 Unique Keyword Research Tips in 10 Minutes

Here are 7 unique keyword research tips to continue to optimize your website for keywords and topics. I go over SEO keyword research tips that are easy to follow and Google Ads keyword research tips. It can be difficult to find the right keywords for your business.

7 Keyword Research Tips:

1. Research each keyword on your list to see what pages are currently ranking high on Google

2. Focus on long-tail keywords if you want to rank for a popular short-tail keyword

3. Keyword Mapping – Organize your keywords by mapping them to website pages

4. Enter your top competitors into the google keyword planner

5. Use your google ads search terms report for more ideas

6. Use your top blog posts to expand on your content ideas

7. Content creation & optimization is more important than your keyword list

Helpful Videos and articles:

Keyword Research Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MA2sJqncMh8

Keyword Research on Surfside PPC: https://surfsideppc.com/keyword-research/

Free Keyword Research Tools: https://surfsideppc.com/free-keyword-research-tools/

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