How to Add Google Search Widget on iOS 14

How to Add Google Search Widget on iOS 14

Apple iPhone users can add a Google Search widget on their home screen starting from version iOS 14.

How to Add Google Search Bar Widget iOS 1️⃣4️⃣

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Hands-on with Google’s iOS 16 widgets: EXCLUSIVE to iPhone! ��

iPhone-only widgets?! They any good though…?


00:00 – We don’t use iOS often!
00:31 – What app widgets are available?
1:35 – Google Search/Lens
3:04 – Google Chrome
4:00 – Gmail
4:51 – Google Maps
6:01 – Google News
6:42 – Google Drive
7:38 – Final thoughts

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How to Add the Google Widget to Your iPhone Home Screen #googlesearch #widget #taphold #googlewidget

How to Add Google Widget to iPhone or iPad Home Screen

Hey Everyone

In todays video, I want to show you how to add the google widget on your iphone or ipad home screen. You will need iOS 14 in order to get this option. So lets goto the app store and search for the google app. Download and install it.

Now press the home button, and then long press on an empty space around your home screen. Once you see a x next to your icon, press on the plus sign at the top right of the screen to access your widget menu.

In the search bar, search for google

Select google

Next choose the size of your widget.

Then press Add Widget

Just like any other widget you can move it around and once you are happy press the home button.

And there you go guys that is how to add google widget to your iphone or ipad home screen. You can do google searches or voice search from your home screen. You can also open google chrome in incognito mode.

I hope you found this useful, if you did please leave a like and subscribe to this channel for more videos like this.

Thanks for watching and I will see you in the next one.

Hope you found this tutorial helpful!

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